Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Transition in the Making

The sailboat/lighthouse theme

We have officially finished Jackson's BIG BOY room. Isn't it cute? We initially fell in love with the "Cape Cod" theme at Babies R Us, and Grandma Lynette helped buy a few of the starters.... then Scott and I took the ball and rolled with it, accenting on our own. I ESPECIALLY am proud of the paint job we did on the little lamp table and Jackson's chest. We're talking HAND ME DOWN, RAGGAMUFIN, DONE-PUT-IN-THEIR-TIME pieces of furniture that, with a fresh coat of paint, look like a million bucks! I could give you more evidence of the STEALS of DEALS I got along the way (lamp, curtain rod, etc), but you'd be bored. Bottom line: I'm proud of myself.

Speaking of BIG BOY, look at the new addition to our half bath:

We are training the little tike to wash his hands before every meal (it'd be a lot easier as parents to encourage Jackson to do if we were any good at it ourselves!). Both for this purpose and the purpose of potty training down the road, I bought this little wooden step. From TJ Maxx Homegoods store. I got it fot next to nothing because it read "Nicholas." Not a problem for a thrifty gal like me - a little paint and the Nicholas stool became the Jackson stool!

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Lepus said...

I love that changing table. The red on the furniture looks great, btw. Is it just solid red or did you guys do some kind of "weathered" look on it? Either way, looks great