Sunday, February 22, 2009

Let it Snow Let it Snow - but not till April

We got a little dump on Friday night... not even sure what the final count was, but I'd say 4- 5 inches??? Definitely warranted some snow removal Sat morning. So we ALL bundled up and braved the cold.

I have some MAJOR work to do in order to increase Jackson's affection for the white stuff. I'm afraid I haven't been persistent enough in getting him interested. So, instead, he whines and moans at the unsteady footing the snows surfaces provide and the bulky confines of the winter-wear.

But we made him deal this time. For a solid 30 or 45 minutes. Scott was the work horse, while Jackson and I played.

Geared up in their snow suits. Mine didn't quite make it over my belly, so I spared you that image.

"Mom, it's hard to smile with my eyes open, when snow is falling in them!?

Our home's snowy front view.

Mama and Jacksonian (neither of our teeth have gotten a brush for the day!)

I put the mittens on backwards, I think, because Jackson looks like he's raising the roof in all these shots... either that, or praising God!
Aunt Lisa, if you look real hard, you will see the yellow handle of one of your LL Bean sleds poking out! Let me tell you, my pregnant butt barely fit on it! But it worked AWESOME on our driveway. I need to get Jackson to slide down without a wing-woman. He wasn't so confident going it alone this time! FUN gift!

In the absence of snow shoes or skis, I went for the next best mode of transportation - the dependable Radio Flyer wagon. When Jackson and I walked/slid past Cassie's house, we discovered their family out too, so we picked up Miss Johanna (Jackson's sitter's daughter and playmate). Our street has a couple little hills, so my pregnant self got a work out pulling them along! Every time I turned around to check on those two, they had their tongues out at each other (likely more a desire to taste some snowflakes rather than an insulting gesture towards each other, but ya never know!).

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