Monday, August 6, 2007

Another successful surgery down!

The surgery today went well! Duncan's cataract is now removed. He is staying overnight in the cardiac ICU for monitoring purposes only. But he looks great! We have a doctor's appointment tomorrow where we will be trained on all the eye drops. Then, in one week Duncan will receive his contact lense and the patching of his good eye will begin.

He had SUCH a sweet spirit today - despite not being able to receive any feeds from 5:00am on. We expected a cranky, crying baby all day until the surgery. Instead, although clearly hungry, he hung in there like a trooper. He really has such a cooperative disposition. I guess we've left him no choice with all the unpleasantries he's been dealt! He is our warrior!

Duncan being wheeled away for his surgery... note the HUGE bed for such a little guy!

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Elizabeth said...

Glad to hear the surgery went well. I was thinking about you all a lot. The patching should not be half the day until he's 8-12, it's going to be these first years while his brain is developing the connections to eyes that the patching will be most important, after they've formed it'll lessen. I'm sorry I won't be back in town until after my trip to Nicaragua, but you will see me a lot then!
-Liz, you're friendly optometry student