Friday, August 10, 2007

Beach Memories

When the Hills (my aunt, uncle and cousin) came into town from Florida for Mom's funeral, they brought with them some sand and neat beach themed ornamental pieces which were created into a beach scene for the visitation. It was featured with Mom's pictures for people to enjoy. Since one of Mom's FAVORITE hang-outs was the Sarasota beach, it certainly made her presence feel more real.
After that week in Louisville was over, I decided that I wanted the same presence to be felt in my house full-time. So, Aunt Jo came up with the idea of using a shadow box to contain everything. When she was here, she worked dilgently on it. On the last day of her stay, it was finally complete - prepared to be hung. It went on the wall and we all ooohhed and ahhhed over it for about 35 minutes, at which time it came crashing down. Sand EVERYwhere, broken glass EVERYwhere - it about killed me after all the time she put into it!
So, I made it my goal this week to recreate Aunt Jo's gift to me!!! Here it is! Didn't she do a fantastic job? I am so thrilled to have a little slice of Mom's heaven in my home. Every time I look at it, I am reminded of her.

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