Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bonding Moments: Daddy with Duncan and Mommy with Jackson

Just had to post these recent photos... although we attempt to make time spent with each boy balanced, it does seem that Daddy and Duncan have a special bond. Since Scott feeds Duncan (he's bottle-bound right now on that special formula) most of the time when he's home, he seems to have quite the connection with the little guy. Meanwhile, breastfed chunker Jackson and I do ALL of our feedings together...

Scott & Duncan

Jackson & Me

And in other news... I am heavily considering training for the Columbus half marathon. Scott and I have been discussing it, and I think it is a perfect way to motivate my little toosh to get out there and hit the road running. So, below is a picture of me after a recent run - sweaty as all get-out... Jackson doesn't mind that I'm dripping on him (and, yes, I did shower before feeding him!)

Also, while I am making my personal goals public (there seems to be a higher call of accountability when I set expectations for myself and make them known on this blog!), I think I am going to start composting. Scott has always called me, "granola," as if I would be found marching with signs to save the whales or embracing trees in front of bulldozers. And, although I have always had a love affair with nature and the environment (I used to argue with my mom about using styrafoam plates at outdoor cook-outs... and when she wouldn't budge I marched off with my own ceramic plate spouting off self-righteous comments such as, "well if you aren't going to save the world, at least I am going to do my part to!"), the hectic hustle bustle of life has prevented me from realistically doing my part recently. We recycle, of course, but who doesn't nowadays? Today marks a new day for the Arthur household... from this day forth, we are composters. Below are the beginnings of my compost. Thus far, it consists of one over-ripe zuchini, a few egg shells, and two brown bananas. I promise not to fill my blog entries with the contents of my compost, but I certainly will keep you updated with how it's going. Wish me luck!

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