Friday, September 28, 2007

Future Polo Models of America

OK, so I confess there are some mornings during "play time" when I spend an unnecessary amount of time on photo shoots. Wouldn't you with boys as cute as Duncan and Jackson? So this morning, when there was a little chill in the air (have been waiting for this "chill" to bust out the fall clothes for awhile!), I figured it was high time these boys got to wear the preciously knitted sweaters you see in the below pics. A colleague of mine from Olentangy Schools, Carol Trimble, created these masterpieces on her own! Don't they look like something straight out of a Polo catalogue? Thanks, Carol. The boys LOVE their new sweaters!

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Sarah said...

Handsome fellas! They have gotten so big! You two are so blessed. Love to you the 4 of you from me and the kids!