Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Duncan recently had an eye appointment (last Wed) which revealed that his vision is quite a bit delayed (not related to the cataract) and on top of that, he has a condition called nystagmus (the eyes jerk back and forth). Our eye doctor recommended that we meet with a neurologist to rule out any type of brain injury or cancer that may explain the nystagmus. So we met with a neurologist on Friday. He confirmed the nystagmus and ordered a CT scan of Duncan's brain, neck, chest and abdomen. This occurred Monday morning at Children's. We received word that the worst fears are behind us. Duncan's scan contains no evidence of neuroblastoma (that scary cancer) or brain damage of any kind. Although we do not know at this point what explains the nystagmus, it seems pretty clear that Duncan has it. His eye doctor said that when Duncan is 6 months of age, more information can be gathered about where he falls on the spectrum of severity, from altering his life very little to altering his life very much. We will be sure to report on what we know at the time.

No news to report on Jackson. He keeps growing and smiling. Two things he does best!

With all the pertinent info out of the way, I want to explain that Scott and I are doing OK. We are a bit strung out, as you can imagine, with new "complications" popping up surrounding Duncan. One cannot help but wonder if Duncan's complications are all somehow connected to his heart troubles. As always, though, we try to stay positive and faithful.

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