Friday, September 21, 2007

Picture of the Week - projectile pee pee

So when you've had an exhausting week and your feet (and emotions) are dragging a bit, there's one thing SURE to cheer you up: A wee wee projecting pee pee! Scott and I have a variety of ways to bath our babies. (1) Quick sink baths, (2) they join me one at a time while I'm showering (Gotta grab hold of one leg pretty firmly! This is a lazy way to clean babies, but it works!), (3) and (heaven forbid) real baths in the tub. Jackson was given a quicky sink bath last night. As you can tell, that may have been his last, because he is clearly outgrowing the sink! I asked Scott to bust out the camera so that we could record his plumpness, only to realize a stream was flowing from his little privates. I asked, "Did you get that on camera?" And sure enough, you can see it in action. We laughed and laughed.
Some other good ones:
I think this "future all star player" thought I was going to drop the camera on him! Look at that fear!

Smiley Mommy and (always) Concerned Jackson

Duncan is getting some definite meat on his bones... pudgy cheeks, but still a dimple!
Grandpa and Jackson

Scott is in Michigan at the present moment, celebrating the union of two of our dear friends, Naveen and Kristin. I am totally ticked I cannot join him at the wedding. It will be one heck of a good time! But a 6 hour drive seemed a bit unreasonable with two little ones. I have an army of help to keep me sane here at the homestead. Dear KK is having a "slumber party" with me tonight (at least that's how I described her invite for an overnight stay when I was enlisting her help!), and our cousin, Heather, will be offering her services Saturday night. She has even volunteered to do ALL the overnight feedings so that I can get a full night's rest. What an angel! Plus, there are all sorts of people visiting with me Sat and Sun to make the time pass. I am so lucky.

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Unknown said...

Such a cute kid. Be careful showing your kids genitalia as there are alot of pedophiles out there.