Thursday, September 6, 2007

Runnin for Duncan

We recently sent this email out. If you are interested, take a read. If you think anyone else would be interested, pass along this information. THANKS!

Friends and Family,

Over the past few months, Scott and I have been learning how to parent a child with congenitial heart disease. Duncan has hypoplastic left heart syndrome and has completed the first of three surgies. Luckily, things have been going well and he continues to get stronger. He and his twin brother, Jackson, just turned 3 months! The precious moments we have with Duncan today are a result of the Heart Center at Childrens Hospital.

It is with that sentiment that we are asking for your help and generosity. Scott and I have decided to run the Columbus 1/2 marathon and we want to run with Duncan in mind and of families who will use the Heart Center in the future.

We are asking those closest to us to donate money to the Columbus Childrens Heart Center. We thought the following commitment levels made sense:

$1 per mile =$26.20
$2 per mile = 52.40
$3 per mile = $78.60
$4 per mile = $104.80
$5 per mile = $131.00

Some of you may be able to do more, some less. We hope you find yourself at one of these levels. We have talked with Columbus Childrens Foundation and they gave us the following link:

Simply fill out their online form and type "Duncan Arthur" in the tribute space. This will help us determine how much we have raised and it allows us to send our appreciation!

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers over the past three months. We have felt them! Please check our blog with updates!

Scott and Tricia

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