Monday, November 12, 2007

Gustavo's creation

Right after Mom died, I was given her diamond ring. I always admired it, thinking it was beautiful. Since it doesn't serve me best in ring form, I began dreaming about a pendant. This pendant idea expanded to include not only my mom symbolically, but also the boys. Their birth stone is a pearl. So, I went to a neighborhood hole-in-the-wall jewelry store (truly, it looks like a place I should not only be scared to enter, but also would take my diamond and run!) and had a long braintorming session with Gustavo, the jeweler. Turns out, he is a fantastic artist and, furthermore, a great listener of my story. It was evident to me that he really wanted to make this piece special for me.

Before long, we concocted this scheme to incorporate the diamond, two pearls, and daisies to represent Mom's favorite flower. I have been eagerly anticipating its completion. And YEY! It's on my neck as I type. I can't seem to take it off, even though it undoubtedly is a more elegant piece than my sweatpants and T-shirt warrant. The above picture doesn't do it justice, but you get the idea.
Also, this past weekend was a blast. Beth returned for another visit from Virginia, this time bringing her entire crew: Danny, Lilly and Lucas. We spent the majority of our time together doing what good friends do: talking and eating. The kids played (me included) and we solved the problems of the world through our conversations. Ha. If only I had time to solve the problems of the world.
Saturday evening we gathered with several other couples to watch Urinetown the musical at Otterbein College. What a kick! It is a pretty comical (and gross) performance. We all needed a good laugh, and that we did. Then, on Sunday a bunch of folks gathered at the house for din-din and fellowship and drinks.
A note to my Owl girls:
Thanks to my sisters from EAT at OC for a variety of things: 1) Agreeing to gather forces and rake leaves in our yard. What a gift to not have to worry about that tedious chore! 2) Sending lots of fun cookies/fruit/treats by mail from individual gals. YUM! 3) Purchasing collectively a freezer for our basement. HUGELY appreciated. Practical and very important for family living, not to mention for all the meals we have been gifted these past weeks. (our neighbors' freezers are reaching their limit!). So thanks, girls. It means a ton that you are backing our family during this time. I love y'all!

In front of Cowan Hall at OC: Me and Scott, Craig and Anita Sutherland (in back), Jeremy and Sara Lahman (front and center), Beth and Danny Shaha, and our neighbor friends: Ryan and Andrea. Not surr what's up with the pic, but - as you can kinda see - we were looking good.

Jackson-man and Carey

Lilly and Jacson with Becky


devaneygirlstill said...

Oh Tricia, that is absolutely gorgeous. I love that he incorporated all of the aspects you love so you can hang it right on your heart. That is so special. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Lepus said...

That is a great piece. I'm glad you enjoyed Urinetown. It cracked me up!