Thursday, June 19, 2008

Book Club to the rescue!

I think the reason I've remained relatively (BIG emphasis on that word) sane from 2007 until now is because so many healthy support systems have been in place. AM runs with KK, the structure of Sophia, Girlfriend's Club connections, "Wacky Wed" craft nights and girl talk, day dates with Theresa and her kids, real dates with my husband... without these in place, I may have been blissfully crazy in some psych ward by now.

One structure that popped on the radar unexpectedly was a Book Club formed originally by my former teaching colleagues. It has grown to include several of their women friends. What a gift! #1) It allowed me the chance to be in contact with my school friends without school (woulda been WAY sad to disconnect from Liberty all-together during my leave of absence). #2) Each book club meeting involved food and adult beverages - need I say more? #3) Jackson stayed home with Daddy. #4) It "encouraged" (I refrain from the use of the word "required" because I was known to attend meetings WITHOUT opening the book assignment - oops!) me to stay on track with reading interesting books.

So last night was my last book club here in Columbus... THANKS girls for a really healthy outlet for me. I appreciate you inviting me to be apart of it! One of my first priorities upon arriving in Rochester will be to find me a book club!

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