Monday, June 16, 2008


Today marks one year since Mom died.

Dad came into town on Father's Day, so he, Scott, Jackson and I had a JANET JOHNSON SPECIAL for lunch: BLT sandwiches with cheetos as a side dish. These were two of her favorites. We woulda complimented the meal with a bourbon and coke if Scott hadn't had to go back to work for the rest of the day. (ha!)

I spent quite a bit of time journaling (thanks to Dad for hanging back at the homestead while Jackson napped, while I escaped to the library for some quiet time with myself)... and it brought me to think about the timeline leading up to Mom's death... it was so quick, her decline.

I love my Mom. Always will. One line in my journal reads, "I never want to forget the sound of her laugh." Sometimes it takes a couple seconds to find that memory/sound, but eventually I always do.

Thanksgiving '06 - opening the card that says "Will you play with me? Love, Your Grandbaby"

We officially told the family about our pregnancy that evening. Mom had wrapped up her bio-chemo clinical trial, and was beginning to get her weight and her hair back...
Christmas Day 06 - feeling more and more like herself
Spring Break 07 - By now we know that Mom's melanoma cancer had spread to her brain. She had grown quite weary around this time. We didn't know if this was a reaction to medicine or the disease itself.
Baby Shower in Louisville - April 07
Easter o7

Mom's last trip to Columbus for a shower - May 07


whoome? said...

Oh Tricia, I just love the photo with her hand on your belly, it is beyond my words.
I have thought of you a lot in the last weeks and I too (as you pray for Becky) am praying for you.
This new adventure is going to be amazing and we are all still here to love you.
Your Mother was and is such a beautiful person and MAN is she having an amazing time up there with sweet Duncan.
I love you and your family and thinking of you always.
Please let us know if you need any help with the move and all the arrangements, I know its been very hectic around your diggs.

ArtCricket said...

I have a picture of your mom and me with the Bridge Babes at the lake as my laptop wallpaper. I think about her everytime I open it.
We miss her.
Best wishes with your move and congrats on Jackson's birthday and loving memories of Duncan.
Beth A.