Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Officially Stressed

It's here. Stress has arrive on my doorstep this morning. And I feel like my head is spinning, as a result.

My friend Belinda called and said to pick a time to be together before I left. She said to look over my calendar and email the possibilities to her. I did just that, and could only come up with a couple, couple hour windows from which to choose.

When am I gonna go through my whole house and Goodwill what I don't want to take with me? When am I gonna say the goodbyes I want to say? When am I gonna have moments to myself to spend in the Park of Roses and the Caribou up the street and the cemetery with Duncan? When am I gonna eat up all the goodies in my deluxe freezer downstairs?

Wow. I'm in a tailspin. I guess the first step is to stop blogging and get to it.


whoome? said...

Oh Tricia, you have so much going on it OKAY to be completely stressed out. Please let me know if there is anything in the world we (and our large truck) can do to help.
If you need to vent or need a Jackson watcher to get some stuff done, just call!
Sending happy and destressing thoughts to you.

We love you guys,

Tiffany McCallen said...

Moving is the pits! All those task lists and the emotional drain to boot. I'm thinking of you...