Friday, June 6, 2008

Last Day

Yesterday was my last shift with Sophia. She has been SO good for Jackson and me. On the one hand, I was feeling like wrapping up my nannying position needed to happen - lots to do, lots to think about, lots of reasons to be a busy-body (and it's hard to get much done out of the house with the two of them!), but on the other hand, I am SO sad to see it end. It was such a priviledge to be apart of Sophia's life, months 6 -12 months. And she offered ME the structure and routine I was craving (not to mention some extra fun money) and JACKSON the socialization he was craving. A win, win.

So here are pics from our last day together. Love you Sophia!!!When I was growing up, my Aunt Jo used a phrase commonly: "Paybacks are hell." Well, Sophia, I'm sorry to say that Jackson has learned how to pull hair too. In previous weeks, Sophia has just been so excited to be around Jackson that she doesn't know what to do with herself - so she yanks and pulls and tugs to show her affection. But it's NOT malicious, just energy coming out. I caught Jackson, for the first time yesterday, "returning the favors."

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