Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Make your room

I've decided that EVERYONE needs a room.

I've got one, called the "whimsical sanctuary." It was founded on on May 12, the day Stacia and Aunt Jo left town. They helped create it with me - fresh vibrant paint, a work surface to create, a chair to read and reflect, and a spacious closet to store all of my crafts are among its features.

The vision started when I realized I was under-utilizing a small bedroom on our lower level. Instead of sitting back and allowing it to become to ultimate catch-all, I decided to make it my room.

I have spent so many hours there since. I love it. Sometimes I take the laundry there just to fold in peace.

Do you have a room? Or at the very least a space to go and be quiet? I HIGHLY recommend it.

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bb mcclain said...

My room is called 'the dog house'