Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sullivan is 3 MONTHS!

New tricks/going-ons:
~ Smiles on command
~Actually outright chuckles/giggles if you really work for it
~Has developed some serious thigh rolls
~Has graduated to being able to handle the "hip hold" (I can prop him on my side, legs straddling me and he manages well - still a little floppy, but he's growing into it beautifully!)
~ Totally aware now of people and their presence/absence (when I shower with him in the bouncy seat on the ground, he only seems happy when I peak from behind the curtain. otherwise, he's frustrated that I "left" him!)
~ Prefers being upright - wants to see the scene (I remember this being the same with Jackson - who wants to LIE down??)
~ Is keeping his blue eyes and, as predicted by insightful mom, seems to be committed to them
~ Loves his brother and smiles the most when Jackson is succeeding in entertaining him


Emily said...

Oh Tricia what a doll he is!~ Such a happy critter. Mail coming your way.
Sorry for the LLOOONNNGGG overdue letter.
Love you ALL!

Gamma said...

He is super cute and super sweet!

bb mcclain said...

Boy, he looks like Scott in that pic!

Lepus said...

I agree, BB. He is Scott all over.