Friday, June 19, 2009

To never forget

Among the memories I never want to forget about my boys' childhoods, one was Wednesday. Scott came home from work (which involves a walk) with an empty plastic cup in his hand. He said I better get out there, because he wasn't sure how long the lemonade stand our neighbors were hosting would be open.

I was out the door with the boys in the stroller before he finished his sentence. LEMONADE STAND??? I am ALL ABOUT lemonade stands. First, I love lemonade. Second, I love children attempting (and succeeding) at being entrepreneurs. Third, I love summer and lemonade = summer. And fourth, did I mention I love lemonade? So off we went with 2 quarters in pocket.

Jackson a) doesn't normally drink out of a big boy (aka open top) cup and b) never - and i mean NEVER - drinks sugary drinks. Can you imagine how much he loves lemonade stands now? Once the sweet stickiness hit his lips, he had a DEATH grip on that cup. I couldn't rip it from him. He coveted the thing for the rest of the night, sipping little at a time and being careful not to spill. He treated it like a favorite pet. I wish I'd gotten video footage of it.

That's one not to forget.

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