Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Big 5 month old

Taken Aug 20th

Seriously... 5 months? Yes, the kid DOES smile, but these days he spend 99.9% of his awake time with his fingers/fist in his mouth - as pictured. We have a little tooth poking up from the bottom! Sullivan is such a cool dude. He is content doing WHATEVER. He is incredibly ticklish under the chin (both of them.. ha!) and giggles till he pees his pants when we touch there. Another sure-fire way to make the kid laugh: have Jackson dance in front of him. That's a hoot. Sullivan loves standing, much better than laying down. He sleeps like a BABY on his belly. He is INSTANTLY jolly in the bath, splashing up a storm. He loves watching Lilly the cat. And he just started BARELY being able to hold his bottle. The kid is getting LONG, now completely filling out 6-9 month clothes. WE LOVE YOU, VAN!

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