Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Scotty's marathon training

My hubby is running a marathon! He has been training with three coworkers now for a couple months, and our fam will be traveling to Chicago the weekend of Oct 11 to cheer him on. I'm very proud of his hard work - it's no easy feat to put that many miles in and still have a "I'm ready to rough house on the floor with my toddler and make silly, animated faces to my baby" attitude at home too! Poor guy is exhausted!!! But he's totally psyched to beat his 4 hour goal (and is even tinkering with the idea of beating my marathon time... he's treading on this ice, if he does!!!).

Below are pictures from this past weekend's half marathon race in Rochester. Their long run was scheduled to be an 18 miler for Sat. So - get this - they ran 5 miles prior to the start for the race... then went on to complete the 13.1 mile half!!! That's NUTS! Jackson was more interested in the grass, bugs, and cow bells than watching his Daddy finish... but then again, he's TWO. We're proud of you, Daddy!

Paul and Scott

Jackson and Truman, son to fellow running buddy of Scott's, running around a tree

Ellie, Cameron, and Truman being talked to by Jackson while waiting for the finish

The crew: Scott, Heidi, Paul, and Troy

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Lisa said...

Go Scott! I'm impressed. You've come a long way since the Mini here in Louisville several years ago. Keep it up.