Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I have a dear, sweet friend named KK. She and I met the summer before my first year at Otterbein College at a meet-n-greet Cross Country gathering. That was in 1997. A dozen years later (almost to the day), she visited me here in Rochester, MN. Who woulda known we'd be lifer friends?

KK and Jackson working on the project she brought for him: a garden lady bug!

The finished product!


Lisa said...

I love how Jackson is looking on in the pic of you and KK. Great pictures. Glad you enjoyed your visit.

MissRebecca said...

What a great picture at the end... and I swear you and KK look the same as you did in the pledge class... time has been good to you beauties!

Tessa said...

KK is such a sweetheart. I remember you guys at Beth's wedding coming up and asking to hold Jonah for me. Not sure if you remember that. Anyway, I have that blanket too - did Beth get it for you? WE LOVE THAT BLANKET!