Monday, June 25, 2007

Duncan shots

Me and Duncan TODAY in the step-down cardiac unit.... YEY!
Duncan has a REAL outfit on today... looking much less "hospitalized" and much more CUTE!
This is a shot from when Rachel, with whom I went to 1st grade, visited from Texas. Duncan loves her already!

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Philip said...

hey guys... finally, scott gave me the web address so i could catch up a little. your blog is wonderful. it's the next best thing i could have to spending time with you! it's been such a tumultuous few months for you. It's crazy to have my heart ache for you, and to be filled with joy for you and the awesome experience you've undertaken at the same time!
sounds like everything is going pretty well, now... remember, you can always call me out here if you need a second opinion. :) i love you both, and miss you, and look forward to the chance to meet your boys...