Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Louisville Low-Down

Tricia here...

I need, first off, to thank my dear friend - Becky Smith - for helping keep up with the blog over the past few days. She did a wonderful job.

It is Wednesday morning and Scott and I are preparing to leave for the Hospice facility here in Louisville to visit Mom again. We had a REALLY great visit last night when we arrived in town. Mom usually does not have much physical or mental strength past the late afternoon and certainly not into the evening... but when Scott and I walked in her room at 8:00pm, she was bright eyed! It was a miracle to get that time with her. She had been waiting for us all day, according to Dad! So we showed her our delivery slide show on the lap top, and just talked about the beauty of our babies. She repeated, "Oh my goodness, all these babies!" several times, along with, "Can you believe it?" A couple times, she got confused about why they weren't with us! By golly, she wanted to see them in person! Grandmom, Grandad, Justin, Dad, and Scott and I were there for a good amount of time together. Then Grandmom and Grandad left and Uncle Barry and Aunt Charlene visited. It was so special. When we all headed out, around 10, Mom asked, "Where am I going?" I think she didn't want us to leave...

We are looking forward to another great visit, then will be heading back to Columbus by early afternoon. We miss our babies!

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