Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hills and Valleys

Duncan's unexpected speed bump Tuesday night with his inflamed intestines was a glimpse of what will most likely be many more scary episodes leading up to his second surgery at 6 months of age. Previous to Tuesday evening, we were told that Duncan's recovery seemed flawless and that he would be coming home this Saturday.

But, as Becky explained, they began noticing a swollen tummy. Shortly thereafter, he had a bloody stool. He was immediately taken off his feeds and given an IV with fluids to hydrate him. Blood work and X rays have been examined since that time and they have all come back clear... no bacteria or acids in the blood work and no gases in the wrong places in the X rays. Currently he is stable and remaining the same... still a bit swollen in his abdomen. We have been told that his symptoms are similar to NEC, an infection that begins in the intestines and can be pretty icky. The plan is to continue heavy monitoring and testing... if his condition worsens, there is a possibility of surgery to remove part of the intestines. Let's hope it improves!

Tonight they began sending nutrition (calories/fat/etc) through a central line, in the same manner that he received "food" before the surgery (he has no had anything to "eat" since Tuesday afternoon). The hope is to be able to start back up oral feeds VERY SLOWLY in a week.

The doctors have informed us that it is highly unusual to escape such a major heart surgery on such a small baby with no "hiccups" and to expect many more on the road to Duncan's 6 month surgery. Each one will seem paramount and like the world is caving in at the time - and each time we will learn something new and move on.

Scott returned to Columbus yesterday afternoon - to be with Duncan. I attended Mom's memorial service last night in Louisville, and made the road trip with my dear friend Becky back to Columbus this morning. I first got to spend some quality time with Jackson - he had REALLY GROWN in the two days I was away from him!!! Scott and I then went to Children's while Lynette (our babysitting ANGEL!) stayed with Jackson. It was a tough visit with Duncan. The update is neither good nor bad, so it's hard to know how to feel. And he looked like he was lacking color and seemed so small. Needless to say, we were a bit deflated when we left.

I am amazed at the number of individuals who have been keeping up with news on my mom and our babies. It is incredible to think of the number of folks talking with God about our hopes for baby Duncan. Thanks for joining me in prayer that Duncan remains strong and can eventually be an example of what God can do! I know Grand Jan is giving God an earfull up there too!


ArtCricket said...

Thanks for the update. Your family is in my prayers. I didn't know about Duncan until tonight when the Bridge Babes gathered. I will watch for new updates. I tried to access the blog while we played to update the ladies, but my computer is having a meltdown about something. We had a champagne toast to Janet and our wonderful friendship, we knew she'd approve of a few rounds of bridge and some champagne. We looked at our scrapbooks and the picture Beth Mc Clellan took just last month when we played at Janet and John's house. We will sure miss our dear friend. Love to you and a big hug, too. Lots of prayers for everyone. Beth A,

Belinda said...

Tricia and Scott,
All of our emotions are so heavy as we follow your sweet family's journey through the hills and valleys. We are all so grateful for the blog (otherwise, we'd all be calling you and Lynette every 10 minutes). I know it must be so hard for you and Becky to summarize the events of the last few days. I just want you to know that we are all praying dilligently, intentionally and constantly for all of you. Through our prayers, we are all trying to lift you out of the valleys and up the hill. Certainly, it is an arduous journey but with each heavy step, know that we are all holding onto and pulling the rope around your waist. Step lightly. You are not alone. We all love you so much. Belinda

Jessica Miller Kelley said...

Hi Tricia,
Jessica (Miller) Kelley here--Just wanted you to know I'm thinking of and praying for everybody--you, your dad, and Justin, as well as Jackson and especially little Duncan. It's been nice to "catch up" with you via this blog. Many blessings...

Lepus said...
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Lepus said...

Sorry, I keep forgetting I have my "interwebz" name up here.

Love and prayers to You, Scott and the boys.