Tuesday, June 26, 2007

"I want real food!" - Duncan

Tomorrow is Duncan's big day to start oral feeds using my breast milk. We had thought it would be today, but the docs wanted to give him a FULL 7 days of "bowel rest," which also involves administering antibiotics, so tomorrow his last dose of that and then the eating adventure begins.

Scott and I visited today at separate times (my visit coincided with Ricci's visit and Scott's visit coincided with Nancy Nikkeforow's visit!) and we all agree that Duncan is looking fabulous! His color is awesome and his little cheeks are back to normal (had been a bit swollen due to retaining some fluid). Scott got the opportunity to speak with the cardiologist on call and he had ordered for the catheterization to occur on Saturday (this is a minor procedure accompanying the 1st surgery - a small "balloon" is placed in the atrium septum to allow blood flow between chambers of the heart). He predicts Duncan being at the hospital through NEXT week... so we're looking at at least 10 more days, and maybe more depending upon how he feeds.

Jackson is enjoying lots of walks outside. Last night he accompanied Scott and myself to Caribou Coffee at the end of our street. Scott and I ordered our favorite yummy frozen drinks (THANKS RACHEL!) and plopped on the comfy leather chairs, enjoying our reading material while Jackson chilled in his infant carrier. I have a feeling this could be a family tradition! I was in heaven.

Meanwhile, our yard is looking better than ever, thanks to neighbor Liz, who was our ANGEL on Monday. She has me spoiled, because I do not have the gardening expertise she does! It was wonderful to have an expert playing in our flower beds!

Also, a fabulous arrangement of flowers arrived today from Forest Hill Church. They are beautiful. Thanks, gang! Did I mention that Worthington Pres had been gifting us with yummy meals as well? How blessed are we?

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