Monday, June 25, 2007

A Special Time

I have not spent much time writing about this past week's visitation and memorial service for Mom. Although very difficult, the two events were very special and very sweet. Tuesday night there was a steady flow of folks paying their respects to Mom and the family. I saw folks I had not seen in 10 years or more... Mom was so heavily involved at Middletown Christian Church - so many families from our time there were present. And friends and friends of friends. Girlfriends of mine from Columbus and old buddies from high school made the trip. Wow, what an incredible 4 hours. Mom and Dad's Sunday School class (the Fellowship Class) at Beargrass did such a wonderful job decorating the tables and preparing the picture display for the visitation. They were such a support to Dad, who was glad to have that part taken care of.
The visitation was special, albeit a bit numb for me - since Mom was cremated, there was no casket. As a result, for me, it felt very much like simply "visiting" with old friends and family. There was much conversation about the twins and their health, which took the "sadness" element out of it for me. My main tears were shed when I was surprised and touched by dear personal friends who drove hours or flew hours to be supportive to me there. I cannot express how cool it feels to be so loved. I am blessed (makes me cry as I type!).
The memorial service was when it all hit home. It was such a lovely service, made wonderful by the spirit of Mom. She had spent much time thinking about what components she wanted in the service celebrating her life (you know Mom, she wanted to be apart of the planning!). She had the opportunity to share those wishes with Dad, myself, and Justin. And I believe it was exactly what she would have wanted - a great mixture of celebration and healthy sadness. Jim Baughman and Mary Beth Guy participated in the leadership of the service and Josh Groban and the harmoney group "Tapestries" created beautiful music pieces. Thanks to everyone who attended and thanks to everyone who helped make the night what it was.
I have received an incredible number of cards - both supporting me as a mom and supporting me as I lost my mom. Thank you, everyone. I am made to feel VERY loved throughout this journey... there is no doubt of that!
Below are the only pics I have of my time in Louisville. And they were taken by Becky!

Cousin Stacia, Aunt Jo, Aunt Lisa and myself

4/5 of the Girlfriends Club

Back: Becky and KK (drove from Columbus) / Front: Beth (flew from VA) and myself

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