Monday, June 25, 2007

A Sunshine-y Day

I guess when it rains it pours, but when the sun shines, it SHINES BRIGHTLY!

Today we found out two pieces of good news, one per child. Our second doctor's appointment for Jackson went extraordinarily well... we have been battling with the balance between bottle feeding (my milk) and breast feeding Jackson, trying to make sure as the bottom line that he GOT ENOUGH (he tends not to be very consistent nor patient when I breast feed him, as opposed to DOWNING a bottle - must like that nipple better!). With such a strong emphasis our pediatrician had made on monitoring his weight gain, we were really hoping for 6 lbs today. And - low and behold - the little trooper was 6 lbs 1 oz! Dr. McClellan was extremely pleased, as were we. He looked good in all other ways as well. So Jackson has been a model preemie... pooping, peeing, eating, sleeping, passing extraordinary amounts of gas, and smiling at Mommy and Daddy from time to time (or maybe that is a result of the previous item on this list).

We also discovered that Duncan is causing great boredom for his nurses in the Cardiac ICU. Which is WONDERFUL! He requires less monitoring, since his status is no longer critical, and so they do not need to keep him there... he is being moved today back to the step-down unit at Childrens. (this is where he had been moved previously when recovery was moving in the right direction - we just now pray it does not hault or switch directions again!). They will begin feeds tomorrow or Wednesday VERY slowly. We can expect a report on when he can come home once we know how he tolerates the feeds.

In other news, Scott returned to work today. He took a long lunch to go on our pediatrician appointment field trip and is at work now. Today begins full-time MOMMY-hood for me! I cannot speak for the experience until both babies are home (which might be concurrent with these blogs coming to an abrupt hault! ha!), but for now I am holding my own. Lynette is with Duncan now and we will visit with him later this afternoon.

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