Monday, October 22, 2007

Been awhile, so I thought I'd give some visuals

Becky and her sister, Lisa, with KK's help, created these fun racing shirts for the half marathon (unfortunately, we didn't get to run it, but my buddy Theresa recruited some others to run in Duncan's honor!)

Today the neurologist ordered an EEG, which is a constant monitor of the brain. These "nodes" (no idea what the proper description is) are essentially glued onto his head (a total of about 30) and we can now tell when any seizure activity starts up. Before, it was difficult to know whether some of his movements were simply squirming or true seizing.

Jackson and his parents. He is getting passed around to all sorts of folks during our visits to the hospital, but he's social, so he's handling it pretty well. He misses his brother, though.


nikki said...

Hi Tricia and Scott,
Your little Duncan is in my prayers. I have even given a silent prayer to him at church. Please remember that God does not give us things that we can not handle. Hang in there and keep faith!

Nikki Boeshansz

Donna said...

Hi Tricia and Scott,
I am so sad to hear of Duncan's recent setbacks. I can hear the pain in your voices, but it's obvious that you're staying positive and focusing on getting Duncan stronger. Hang in there...he couldn't be in a better place than Children's. We'll say some extra special "heart buddy" prayers! If there's ANYTHING we can do, please don't hesitate to ask!
We're pulling for you Duncan...get better soon!!!
Donna, Brad, Ella and HLHS Heart Buddy Charlie

Belinda said...

Tricia and Scott,
Prayers for Duncan (and his amazing family) are being lifted up all over the state. Be empowered in the knowledge that you are not alone. In spirit and prayer, your warriors are standing shoulder to shoulder with you on the front line. Expect miracles... they are coming. With great faith, and deep and abiding love,