Monday, October 8, 2007

Intervention vs. Surgery

Friday's cardiology appointment revealed that Duncan's aortic arch is still narrowing. This is the same area that had become restricted before, resulting in a cath and a stint being placed. It is continuing to be a problem. There are a couple possible outcomes.

1) The arch stays stable and does not continue to narrow. In this case, we'll just continue to keep a watchful eye on it until the 2nd surgery (which would be most desirable when Duncan hits the 12-13 lb mark. Currently he is a bit over 10 lbs.)

2) The arch continues to narrow. In this case, we are left with two options (and, clearly, we will be looking to our cardiologist and Duncan's surgeon to make the final say). Either we can do yet another cath (this would be his 3rd!), ballooning that area again, enlongated the time Duncan's heart can be safe until the 2nd surgery. Or, we can just opt to have the surgery moved up, despite the fact that he won't be the desired weight/age.

We learned that the success of the surgery itself is not what gets compromised by moving it forward. Instead, it is the recovery time and strength offered to Duncan by waiting for him to get bigger/older.

So, Dr. Cua wanted to see Duncan again in a week (instead of the typical 2-3 weeks inbetween appointments) to check in on whether our circumstance is more like #1 or #2. So this Friday will be big.

What we continue to observe at home is Duncan perspiring during feeds (you can tell he is working hard) and the typical difficulty in GETTING him to feed well. The latter is a test of patience, without question - especially when there's another little guy needing love with his teething temperment.

That's right, Jackson - we think - is starting to cut his first tooth. Signs? There is Jackson saliva ALL OVER our hardwood floors (i still don't get how people with carpet deal with babies), he attempts to put BOTH fists in his mouth at the same time, his happy-go-lucky self isn't so happy-go-lucky, and when I place my pinky against his gums, he acts like it's candy...

On to news about me. (I know, I know - B-O-R-I-N-G!). I have been having a rough couple weeks with icky fever-like symptoms off and on. I've taken a full 7 days off of running as a result (and I was RIGHT on track with my training before that...darn it!). I finally, with the encouragement of my nurse friend Theresa, caved in and went to the doctor, to find that I had a 103 degree temperature. Urine test checked out fine and now we are waiting on blood work. Yuck.


ArtCricket said...

Love and prayers for little Duncan (and you!) as you await a decision about his aortic narrowing.
love, Beth Akins

GG Mom & Dad said...

THANK'S to Teresa!!
Take care of yourself! G-mom say so!
Your Mom started teething at three months.
We'll be anxiously awaiting Friday.
GG mom&dad

aaronzuber said...

Let us know how Duncan is doing. Dr. Wheller moved Brian's surgery up to October 19th so we will be in Children's for a while! You all are in our prayers.

Tracy Zuber