Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Recovery back on track

The tough thing about our time in the ICU this past week is that each seizure episode has haulted Duncan's general recovery process. His body (lungs, digestive track, etc) is still trying to get back to its normal functioning level from the surgery on Wednesday. The goal has been to progressively return to normal feeds (through the NG tube) and to progressively wean him from the ventilator. And to progressively reduce his seditives so he is doing things for himself.

But with each episode of seizing, the protocol is to essentially reduce any work his body has to do. Which means, stop the feeds, increase the ventilator settings, and put him under more anesthetics. So, we get the seizures to stop and begin climbing up that recovery mountain again, only to tumble backwards again.

I mention this frustration to counter it with some excitement that today is the day Duncan is expected to be extibated! We think the right medicines are in action to keep the seizures at bay and he is finally down to the lowest settings on the vent and he is tolerating the feeds marvelously. So, we are crossing our fingers that he will A) breathe with no assistance and get that stinkin tube out of his throat and B) come to life when they wean him off the sedatives and maybe even C) drink milk from a bottle! More than anything, I miss my little boy. It has been exactly 1 week since we have seen him awake and alert. I am so excited.

Right now, Ricci and Diane are with him at Children's. I have chosen to spend some time with Jackson this morning and get caught up a bit. Then, Scott and I are heading there after lunch! We hope to see all these developments unfold with our own four eyes! Yey.


ArtCricket said...

Hoping and praying for a good day for all of you!

nicole linton said...

Scott and Trish,
My heart and soul go out to you both. My prayers for Duncan that he may recover and join you all peacefully. You both are very strong parents and know that you are loved by many.