Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Breathing on his own!

Our expectations were met today when Duncan's breathing tube was removed. He did the expected coughing and gagging, but now he is breathing normally. It is amazing the difference having that tube out of his mouth makes, not to mention the fact that he is no longer knocked out with narcotics. Although a big groggy and hoarse, our Duncan is back.

The Wellington School Pre-K class all wrote letters to Duncan and presented them individually to Scott at work. You can see them all in this picture. We believe that their letters of love is a reason why he is doing so well! Thank you, Pre-K (and, mostly, their teacher!). What an exceptional act of support.

The EEG leads (those thingamabobs on this head) were removed today, although the picture shown is before that happened. The EEG revealed that no seizure activity occured during the 24 hour period Duncan was monitored.

We have been humbled by the outpour of love and support. We have a long road ahead, but are enjoying today's successes. The next steps are to get Duncan feeding orally and to leave that cursed/blessed hospital (such a love/hate relationship!).

[OK, so I'm not being permitted to upload pics right now. The feature with blogger is in repair. But take my word for it, the pic of those darling preK cards on Duncan's crib is pretty awesome]

*** Now we're in business!!! I got the picture to post.

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