Monday, October 22, 2007

Hanging In

Just a quick entry:

Sunday was a pretty good day for little Duncan. Although he had suffered those multiple seizures Saturday evening, we awoke Sunday to find him in a pretty stable situation. In fact, the ICU docs were working to challenge him by reducing the setting on the ventilator. He only had one oxygen saturation drop (unlike previous days) and the infection in the lungs was mending (less secretions they had to suction out). The drug they had begun to eliminate the seizuring seemed to be keeping them at bay.

Then 3:30am came this morning. When your phone rings at 3:30am, your whole body stiffens. We were called to be notified that he seized two more times. They started a second anti-seizure drug at that time. He seized twice more at about 8:45am this morning, right before we arrived at the hospital. The seizures, as it was explained to us, are still a result of aggrivation and irritation in the brain resulting from the injuery it suffered from the stroke. The seizures themselves are not harmful (unless occurring for long periods of time -30-45 minutes - which is not the case), but the goal is still to prevent them with the right "cocktail" of drugs. It's just experimentation until that amount is discovered.

He just left his room to get an MRI done. The neurologists will be speaking with us this afternoon to give us some clarity that hopefully that test offered.

Just wanted to update. Thanks.


Lepus said...

Lots of prayers for him and you guys.

Cheryl Slaughter said...

Trish and Scott,
You and your sons are all in our thoughts and prayers. Duncan obviously inherited the same determination that his grandmother displayed and will continue to persevere. Janet was my hero, because she always showed such strength even during the most difficult of times. You two are now showing that same courage in this trying time.

Cheryl and John Slaughter