Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Better and Better

Duncan now! Just a little oxygen to assist his breathing. Otherwise, doesn't he look good! Eyes open and everything!
My favorite part of today.

Just as we have learned that things can get rapidly worse in a short amount of time when your kid is in a critical state, we have also been shown that things can get rapidly better in a short amount of time as well! In a 24 hour period of time, Duncan has shed lines and tubes and leads like it's his job. As mentioned yesterday, the breathing tube and EEG leads (from his head) are gone. Today he shed the arterial line in his groin and his catheter (ouch!). So - you know what that means - I could HOLD him! It was truly a treat.

Dr. Golden, his eye doctor, visited us and put back in his contact lens. We talked for awhile about nystagmus. We are eager to know just how poor his vision will be. Dr. Golden said we will have vague, but better, indication of those answers when he is 7-8 months (6 months after due date).

Go Bucks! This is the hat/scarf combo Lisa, Becky's sister, made for the guys!

Here at home, Jackson was hanging out with Nancy today. He has a few new tricks. I think he may make the flip from his back to his belly any day now. He keeps hammering down his one leg, quickly snapping his body to the side and ALMMMOOOOOST over to the other side. But not yet. He also loves engaging in conversation. I make a sound (usually a loud one), then he
mimicks. It's precious. We also have discovered that when he is pensively mulling something over, he gnaws on his tongue. A strange, yet endearing habit. We tried cereal for the second time yesterday and this time he did much better: only spewing back out 95% of what was put in, in comparison to 100% the first try. He's a kick.

Yummy in Jackson's tummy
I love this disapproving look. Apparently, Jackson didn't want to play "pee pie" anymore.


Lepus said...

What a trooper Duncan is!
And the "mean photo"?? LOL, priceless!
Continued good progress and love to all!!!

Tiffany McCallen said...

Hot dog! I'm so glad Duncan has officially turned the corner on his road to recovery. I hope you can all enjoy some much-deserved rest and family time in the weeks ahead. —Tiffany Compan McCallen

Bonnie said...

Hello, Arthurs.

I'm a friend of Lynette's - was her music director at Northwest UMC. We're (all) praying for Duncan, as well as for the entire family. So good to hear of his progress. We're going to continue to pray for the best. May you continually be aware of God's peace, hope, and light as you travel this journey.

Bonnie Fisher