Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The GGs arrive on the scene

I tell you what, Grandmom and Grandad McClain are movers and shakers. They moved and shook themselves all the way to Rochester from Louisville by car and kept busy the entire time they were here! Jackson calls them GGmom and GGdad (Greatgrandmom and Greatgrandad), hence the nickname, "The GGs." There were two things on my "I love you Grandad, will you please fix this?" List. That morphed into about 6 things, as he busied himself around our house: purchasing and using WD40 for all the squeeky doors, repairing a blind that had gotten wopperjawed, fixing the wiring so that a lamp would work, replacing the spray mechanism to two of our faucets, fixing the knob and handle to our front door, and working on a drain.

Meanwhile, Grandmom wouldn't sit down before she tidied Jackson's toys any chance she got, helped cooking and cleaning dishes, tended to Lilly's food and water, helped me organize all of my winter wear, sewed on a button and got out a stain from a coat, and motivated my quest to research winter wear options for my upcoming Minnesota WINTER.

Geez. Will I be that productive when I'm that age? I hope so. Enjoy the pics below. We had a blast. Thanks GGs!!! The Arthur's love and appreciate you!
We made a trip to an outlying town of Redwing, known for the shoe store and its pretty awesome pottery... this was at a park outlooking the area (jackson is playing in the street...err, I mean, waiting in the car)
GGmom does not let anything stop her! Here she is on hands and knees building blocks with Jackson! (Grandma Lynette, look at that great outfit you purchased Jackson!!!)
At one of Mayo's facilities, this is the crew during the tour Scott gave. Surprise, Jackson wanted down.
A breather in one of Mayo's BEAUTIFUL outside courtyards...
Jackson studying the floral landscaping.

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