Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy Arthurs and Lost Shoe

I tried to interest Jackson in another round of art class. But, to no avail. The introduction of chalk went so-so. He discovered that, when thrown on the concrete, one piece of chalk turns to two. This little math lesson seemed more important to him than making color with them. Oh well.

Also, you will see, upon looking pretty closely, that Jackson's sandal went overboard on a walk in our neighborhood yesterday. Thank goodness, our journey took us on a there and back, because we were well over a mile past the location of the shoe itself before we realized he was sporting only one. On our way back, expecting to see it cushioned in a nice husk of grass or safely on the sidewalk, we were quite surprised and tickled to view it smack dab in the center of the street. It made it out safe and sound!

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Emily said...

Oh Tricia...Jackson has your penmanship, how lovely! hee hee.
I was the same way, drawing all of these fun shapes for Hannah to color in and she just scribbled on top of them. NO APPRECIATION FOR THE ARTS ;)