Saturday, September 6, 2008

A real fun day

As I mentioned before, Autumn is in full swing this week here in Minnesota. Today we dressed in sweatshirts and headed out to celebrate that fact with a hayride, apple picking, and animal-viewing at a fun orchard in a local small town. The event was planned by the Mothers and More group I have mentioned getting involved with here. (P.S. Shanti and Emily, I think, are budding into buds [did you get the clever play on words?] from that group. Yey! Shanti gave me her cell phone number... a big step in the friend-finding endeavor!) Quick funny story... Jackson, along with the other kids, decided he couldn't wait till home to crunch right into the readily available apples dangling juicily from the low-hanging branches. So from branch to mouth one went. Since it was getting to be lunch-time toward the end of our orchard visit, we watched him munch the whole thing down. About all that left were seeds! And then, on the car ride home, he was still hungry/cranky so we caved and handed him ANOTHER one of Fall's bounty from our stash (I know, enough natural sugar to wire a large mammel!). For the first couple minutes of the car ride home, he was vigorously crunching away. Then we heard him get quieter and looking, clearly, groggier... Scott and I about fell over laughing when, at the next stoplight, we turned around to find Jackson had grown SO sleepy that he was eating his apple with his eyes closed. EYES CLOSED! So funny.

The apple-eating-in-the-car picture. In three minutes, he was "sleep eating."


Sherri said...

Oh my, little farmer Jackson is too cute! You are such a good mommy finding all those neat places to take him to.

bb mcclain said...

Such good pics Tricia! cute cute cute. We must be living in a parallel universe...a couple of weeks ago I power washed and re-sealed our deck!