Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Kentucky? Ohio?

What are your temps like?

Cuz here, we have moved into full-fledged FALL. I noticed last week a tree with about 8 yellow leaves on it. And although the army of green leaves surrounding them clearly outnumbered those few colorful ones, it was then that I realized it: Fall comes earlier here. Now we haven't moved into heavy sweatshirt weather or even need-a-hot-chocolate-to-make-it-through-an-evening (which happens every winter night in the Arthur home - in, you guessed it, the Cocoa-motion) kind of weather. But I can feel those days a coming. The temp at this moment is 62 degrees. Delightfully sunny, yet a bit brisk.

No leaves are FALLING. But a few more trees have become partially colorful this week. I LOVE Fall, so there are no complaints on my end... except that Jackson might be Halloweening in a parka if things progress too much more quickly. Ha.


Emily said...

I am coming to live with you, it 542 degrees here.

Love Fall!
Cannot wait for it.

Shauna said...

I'm so jealous. I as well, admire fall to the fullest. It was 91 today. :(

Lepus said...

In Louisville, it is currently 76 degrees at 12:47 pm.

I miss summer :(