Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Yey, day 1 just fine

Today went great. Tomorrow will be the true test because I have my full load (today my two 6th grade classes didn't see me, because they were "orienting" with their homeroom teachers). But Jackson did great with Miss Cassie, his 7 -11 am sitter - and I LOVE being back in a building filled with hormonal preteen entergy! Strange, I know.

One quick story. One of my students, Taylor, proved to be quite the little twirp today. Court Jester, smart ellic, Full of himself. I knew this kid was going to be a challenge when, after collecting his info sheet, read after the prompt "Parent Name(s)" : "BIGFOOT" Thanks, Taylor. Clever one. I'm gonna soccer punch that kid with MY big foot if he doesn't grow up. Ha!


Emily said...

So happy you had a good first day! They are so lucky to have you!

Joy Strancar said...

So Funny! Taylor sounds great :)
Glad the year started out well :)