Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Something has changed

Remember how I always describe my child as good-natured, low-maintanence, and generally content? Jackson chose the weekend GGdad and GGdad (Great Grandmom and Great Grandad) came into town to show the colors of a more hyper, vocally expressive, easily irritated, and awnry side we had not seen before. Quite crazy how he went to bed Friday night one kid and woke up Saturday morning another! At first, we discounted his hard-to-satisfy-ness as feeling icky from his 15 months shots, which happened Friday late afternoon.

But the reality is - since this behavior has continued for a few days - I think we're in a phase. Strolling him during the tour Scott gave the GGs of Mayo and enduring his outbreaks at a nice restaurant prove to be challenges now... they once were effortless endeavors. Once he realizes that his mother has no sympathy for whining or uncooperative behavior, he will become that angel again (yeah right!).

Pray for short phase. Pray for short phase. Pray for short phase.

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