Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Introducing Nancye

My dad is engaged! To a woman named Nancye. She and he visited this weekend here in Rochester for the first time... and it was a great chance to get to know Nancye well. Nancye lives in the same condo development in Louisville and they met there a few months ago. The two of them hit it off well immediately, and so here they are. ENGAGED!

I wanted to share a couple pictures (guess where??? at OXBOW PARK, where we ALWAYS take visitors!). Nancye taught Jackson how to play chase, so the two of them were constantly in a chasing war... so cute. And Jackson showed off all of his tricks for Papa John too: blowing kisses, dancing to music (halarious!), pointing when prompted to his hair, nose, and tooth (ears and eyes are taking awhile longer), hugging, signing "more" and "all done" (good God above, I thought I may never live to see te day my child used those motions - I felt like I was signing to a brick wall for the first 15 1/2 months of his life... but he got it!), and swinging on the swing (then subsequently cry when we had to leave the swing in the park).

Our delightful visitors left this morning... THANKS for a great time, Dad and Nancye!

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