Monday, April 23, 2007

Bed Rest Blues

Today was truly the first REAL experience with being on bed rest in my own home on a weekday while the rest of the world was working. I don't much care for it, to be truthful.

My cell phone bill is going to be outrageous, first off.

It wore me out so much (sarcasm) that I'm exhausted at 10:05 pm. So off to bed. More later.


Sarah said...

Would love to come visit with you one day. Also would love to bring dinner out. Let me know a good time for you. Love, Sarah

jeff stivers said...

Tricia and Scott--just a quick note to let u know how much we enjoy your site...brings back to say hello we hope and pray for your Mom (enyoyed seeing her-A-D-S and ur M/D.back in feb)... Twin will have so much fun! enjoy it -i'm sure everyone has told you the years fly by and before you know it they will be teenagers driving and looking at colleges! We know --where did all the time go..? Take care and you&family are in our thoughts and prayers.....Jeff-Tara-zach&ben (17 & almost 15)