Monday, April 16, 2007

Level 2

Today was another set of appointments, both with regular and high risk OBs.

Good news: The boys are still growing very much on pace with how they should be developing. Their estimated weights are: Duncan 2 lbs 12 oz., Jackson 2 lbs, 11 oz. I was VERY excited about this, because I had felt like I hadn't been gaining much weight recently. Apparently, they are taking exactly what they need, because their weights are normal, even for singletons at this stage in pregnancy (apparently, it is at week 30 that twins start slowing down in growth, as compared to singletons).

Bad news: The bed rest begins. Dr. Paul examined my cervix (sorry, guys, to be specific!) and I am dilated just a wee bit. She placed me on Level 2 rest, which means I need to not work (thank goodness those wheels were already set into motion!) and be off my feet as much as possible. I can still be up to shower, go to the bathroom, and do some short walking/standing. But overall, I gotta watch it. ALL FOR THE BABIES!

Speaking of work, today was my last day at Liberty High School for some time. My students were caught off guard - I didn't tell them until today. They were sweet for the most part - very concerned and interested. I have been instructed to visit and share pictures... I have a feeling a proud mother of twins won't need to be prompted to send pics of her babes!

A busy day! I am feeling a bit icky about being bound to lounging... but all other signs seem to be pointing to a healthy pregnancy.

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Rachel said...

So all I could think was A) do you have Tivo, because you are going to SO need that! and B) Do you have instant messenger? because you will totally need that too! On the latter, if you do, or if you get it, we can chat! On the former, catch the new show "Drive" on Fox when you get a's weirdly addicting. Definitely good Tivo material...

I'm so glad the boys are doing so well! Keep it goin' guys!