Friday, April 20, 2007

Update from Louisville

I have spent the past 4 days here in Louisville visiting with Mom and the rest of the family. I envisioned helping with cooking and cleaning and getting Mom to and from appointments. I imagined giving Dad a break and serving him for awhile. I guess in the past few months, God is trying to teach me, "Don't plan, Tricia." Because as soon as I make one, it gets turned upside down.

Because I have been directed to stay off my feet, it has turned into ME being served (not what I had in mind at all) while here. So poor Dad and Grandmom and Grandad are doing double duty. Can you imagine how frustrating this is for me? But they are all being very gracious, trying to avoid me from straining myself or the babies. Dad has been a saint... he works non-stop, doing dishes, bringing Mom and I food and snacks, making necessary medical phone calls, getting laundry under control, and taking Mom to all the appointments. He really is an excellent care-provider. We are lucky.

Mom's state seems to change based on the day. When I first arrived (Tues), she was really having trouble communicating, thinking, and getting around (VERY weak on her feet). She fell three times in one day, leading to the decision to take her to the emergency room. At that juncture, her medical team made the decision to refer her for Hospice, which had already been a thought of the family's. They also made the decision to take her off two of her pills - an oral chemo she had been taking and reducing steroid drugs. It seems that, since that time, she has seemed a little more with-it and able to communicate. Last night, in fact, she played bridge with her girlfriends (who she affectionately calls "The Bridge Babes") and did great! Even won $4!

Today is the first of 10 days of a low-intensity radiation treatment, intended to extend life. She also met this morning with the Hospice folks, who are truly wonderful (so far!) in their graciousness and sensitivity. Today was just an initial introduction to the services they offer and explanation of what to expect. They will be bringing by a hopsital bed this afternoon.

We are trucking along. This is no doubt a tough time. And really that is all there is to say: it's just tough. But we are blessed to have a supportive network of family and friends. And I am blessed to have an incredible husband and friends to see me personally through this journey. I am grateful. God is faithful. This is one unwaivering truth I hold to be certain.

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Sarah said...

My eyes are filled with tears as I am commenting on this post. Tears of sadness that you and your family are dealing with the cruel realities of losing a treasured member of the family and also tears of joy to know you have Christ to lean on at this time. You are in my prayers. Love you, Sarah