Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Day 3

Today is my third day on bed rest here at home in Columbus. Actually, I've been pretty sane. The majoy dilemmas are: #1) I don't yet have a land line (Time Warner dude coming next week, thank GOODNESS), so my cell calls should be limited and #2) I don't yet have internet access (we had been getting away with using Scott's work lap top in the evenings, but when he is gone all day, I am left strandid with no online access... this too shall pass, because we invested in a "family" lap top to be delivered next week also). So in the mean time, I must make do with reading, writing, watching movies, and writing to do lists (which someone else will have to actually DO!).

Sunday was my first baby shower - I felt SOOO honored. It was a lovely occasion, filled with really special women friends. The girlfriend-ness of the event really was felt, and I am so deeply grateful for these ladies' involvement in my life. And you should see the loot! Lynette and I have been organizing (let me rephrase that: Lynette has been organizing while I "supervise!") the heaps of blankets, towels, washcloths, and clothes from the shower. How lucky I am!

Scott and I went straight from the shower to Carmax, where we retrieved "Tipsy" the Town and Country [the name just came to me]. Yes, it's official. We are mini van owners. You can see by the look on Scott's face just how thrilled he was with the purchase. In all honesty, he is enjoying the "grown up" feel of Dadhood... I think the van was a milestone in that progress!

Monday was another OB appointment (an unroutine one I requested be scheduled so that I could make a decision about my plans to return to Louisville to spend time with Mom). Dr Paul was quite clear about discouraging my trip back. Monday was a tough day for me, because that news meant for me uncertainty about when I would see Mom next. And it also meant my dear aunts would need to cancel/reschedule their already-planned baby showers this weekend in Louisville. As it turns out, we have re-invented the event to include all ladies in an Open House format - honoring Mom as a Gradmother To Be. SHE will be the guest of honor in my place. She has been so looking forward to these showers and this gives her the chance to still celebrate. Mom always loves a good party!

Her first radiation treatment, of 10, began today. The hope is that this will assist in reducing the brain swelling for extending life and helping increase brain function during the time she has remaining with us. I will keep updating her condition.

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AL said...

You guys will love the van on long trips. With twins you will love it everytime you have to go somewhere.