Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter is here.

Happy Easter, All. Despite the chilling temps here in Columbus and the drooping tulips all around, we had a really fantastic Easter celebration. The day started with the Johnson family and Arthur family sleeping in (Mom and Dad are visiting here for the weekend)... then Dad and Scott prepared breakfast in bed for Mom and I. We all had breakfast in or around the bed (how bout that for family closeness?!).

Easter service was next at our church home. It was a wonderful sermon and music. This weekends' Christian celebration of new life was especially hard-hitting. Above is one shot of Mom and myself after Easter service.

We then moved to another meal... a tight knit Easter meal with just the four of us. It has been a nice day - and weekend altogether. Mom and I went yesterday for manicure and predicures along with Lynette, my mother-in-law. Whew, was that needed! Pampering felt good.

In closing, I have some pictures included from Florida. Though you might enjoy!

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