Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bathing Babe

Can you see the matching slippers too?

Thank you, Molly, for this fantastic frog robe set. Jackson, in Mom-and-Dad-style, seamlessly transferred from bath to robe a couple nights ago (couldn't've been last night, because HEAVEN FORBID I WASH MY CHILD DAILY!!! What is my problem with baths, anyway? My kid is gonna be the one who is made fun of in school because he looks like that Charlie Brown character being followed by a dust cloud). Anyway, ain't it cute?

Have I mentioned that Jackson has a toother? (Yes, we are that annoying family that is going to use nicknames and stupid phrases for things. Scott has been known to hold up the Sunday morning charade of getting ready for church with, "I'll be ready in a sec, I just need to go brush my toothers." He's 30 years old. 30 YEARS OLD! And, in our house, taking a shower is "Shaking a Tower." It goes on and on.) But - back to the point - Mr. Jackson is cutting his first "toother." And I think the second one is on the way. In general, I would say Jackson is a pretty good looking feller... fortunate for him, he seems to have escaped some of his parents' worst physical features. It seems unfair to be that cute and perfect (doting Mom much?) But I now know where justice presents itself: the orthodontist bills to come. I don't know much about baby teeth and how they compare to the placement of the permanent kind, but whew... that one single tooth is coming in all kinds of crooked.

Last night Scott and I had a work-related dinner "date" and Jackson-man stayed behind with Grandpa Ricci and Grandma Diane. Here are a couple Grandfather-Grandchild bonding moments:

(Looking at TV) "You're great and all Grandpa, but I'm interested primarily in the Primary"

"OK, OK. I'm with ya now."

Another of those barnyard animals - the rooster looks strung out. Perhaps because his feather have been saturated with Jackson-saliva.

"Maybe if I pose like a beach babe and smile charmingly, she'll dig me then"


Sherri said...

Wow is he cute! And you brag as much as you want about your child, it is your right! Brody also has that robe, but has never worn it...I'm bad, he goes straight from bath towel to sleeper. Anyway, love reading your blog!

aubregary said...

I have been following your blog (we are friends of John Swart and just had to say how adorable Jackson is!! I love the frog slippers, too cute. He is getting so big and is just terribly adorable! I love your really should write a book. I'd buy it!

devaneygirlstill said...

We call them "toofers" its all good!
Love the bathrobe, how Hugh Hefner of him... grin..
He and Sophia are so flippin cute together, she is just playing hard to get because he is a gorgeous catch of a little man!
Got to start those girls early!

Sophia Grace Mourn said...

OMG! I love the photos! Jackson looks like he came from a work out session. Go Rocky! I love your caption regarding Jackson posing for Sophia. She is oblivious!

Lepus said...

What a cute little ham-bone he is!!! I doubt very seriously if Jackson will become Pigpen. The robe and slippers are too cute.