Monday, January 7, 2008

There's that bear again

Jackson is 7 months old. I repeat, Jackson is 7 months old. Here he is in his glory with that bear again. For the first time, I can safely say he's outgrown the little guy.

In other news, how bout this weather? I don't know what the high was today, but it felt in the low 60's. We took a stroll outside and, heading up the hill near the Park of Roses, I confess that I even got a little sweaty. Ha! In January! Without a coat! Nice.

In more other news, our basement project is officially completed. The old part of our basement has been my worst enemy since the day we moved in. There were items so deeply buried beneath other misplaced items that I worried they had become fossilized. But, thankfully, all was restored in the exscavation. Dad purchased shelves as part of our Christmas gift, so it felt SO cleansing to sort. Look at that organization!

This below picture's caption in one word is "satisfaction."

Take a look at that massive freezer... this is the one the EAT girls gifted us!

In yet still MORE other news, I'd like to tell you a little about Sophia. Sophia lives down the street from us and is the same age as Jackson, to the day. I have agreed to take on a nannying position two days a week here in our house watching Sophia. She and Jackson, I can already tell, have similar demanors, and I think they will get along great. we are excited for Jackson to get some socialization AND for us to get a small side income. Win Win.


devaneygirlstill said...

Happy 7 months sweet Jackson! Wasnt the weather amazing today? We soaked it up with everything in our beings!
Love to you and your family,

Joan said...

What darling children. I am the grandmother in Iowa of Sophia. We feel so lucky that you agreed to watch Sophia on Tues. and Thurs. am. Wish I could be there to do it. Love all the pictures and the blog.
Grandma Grove