Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Diane's Bday and more of that cute boy

Grandma Diane's Bday was Sat. We celebrated in style with a double chocolate cake (topped with a portion of the candles she lived all these years to deserve!!). Jackson eyeballed the cake heavily, but we hogged it all ourselves (plus, he had just filled up on lima beans and other yummy alternatives!).
I absolutely love this photo, because it is the image we get when we first walk into his nursery every morning... in his crib all grins, ready to explore more life. What a wonderful approach (wish we all had it!)

We had a LONG afternoon playtime in the bouncy seat thingy. Picture #1 is towards the end of about 30 minutes of heavy-duty bouncing. I'm surprised Jackson didn't hurl with all the up and downing he was doing. As you can see, he resigned to the laid back position when his Tigger-ness wore off. Picture #2 here is a sweet expression... most importantly, it captured a good eye shot: What do you think, green or blue?

Jackson and I attended a Martin Luther King Jr. service Monday in Worthington. He was such a trooper as his mommy sat all teary eyed listening to the gospel music and then shed more tears getting all caught up in the personal memoir (reenacted BEAUTIFULLY) of Sojourner Truth, a New York slave. I'm such a sap about that holiday. Not only is MLK such a hero to me, but I swear there's black blood running through my veins, cuz I got SOUL, yall. There Jackson and I were, seated on the last pew of the church where the service was held. We appeared to be a very conservative white family. But when that gospel got goin, you better believe I was the first to start the clappin (or maybe the 20th or so... the black choir's congregation members up front beat me to it). I almost yelled "Sing It!!! Amen, Yall" but decided not to overindulge.


devaneygirlstill said...

Ahhh, the Johnny Jumpup! Hours of fun, words of caution... we let Hannah spin herself in it for a while and the spinning bouncing combo produced PROJECTILE vomiting on two seperate occasions. Keep a towel handy! hee hee
Your little man is just the sweetest cutest thing!

Sherri said...

Wow is he cute! I forgot we even had one in our attic...too bad, looks like fun! I am still not sure who I think he looks more like!?! I am thinking it is a pretty good combo!

Tiffany McCallen said...

I'm thinking green! Definitely green. :)

Lepus said...

I concur wholeheartedly that you do, indeed, have what is know as soul.