Thursday, January 3, 2008

Disciplined Laziness

Us TRYING to follow the plot of the movie with cuty-patootee distracting us (and no, I do not mean Lilly, who is just as lazily spending her New Years in the pic!)

It takes disciplined laziness to conquer the commitment of watching all 5 existing Harry Potter movies in two days' time. Scott and I rose to this level of laziness on the 1st and 2nd days of 2008. While some are recommitting to an active lifestyle (I'm sure the gyms were full), we did not leave the house.

We have made it a tradition since marrying to choose New Years Day as a day to catch up on classic movie trilogies and series. So Year 1 was Lord of the Rings, Year 2 was The Godfather, Year 3 was X-Men, and now Harry Potter. We calculated a total of 12 hours in front of the TV following Harry Potter's adventures. Needless to say, our commitment spilled into a second day. Wow, it was hard work.

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