Thursday, January 3, 2008

Christmas, Round 3

Scott's Dad, Ricci, and his wife, Diane, are such good sports. They are so incredibly unparticular when it comes to celebrating holidays. Their feeling is that as long as we get to be together, on one end or the other of a particular holiday, they are happy. And for all of you who have a bagillion people to please over the holidays, you can understand how grateful we are for this flexibility.

We were able to make our way to their home, Dresden, last Saturday. And in a relaxed way, we dined for lunch, talked politics, talked religion, and opened gifts. Jackson's favorites are his new Cleveland Cavs basketball (Ricci and Diane's gift to each other was the Cavs Christmas Day game in Cleveland - how great!) and his Ohio State bear. They are gearing Jackson UP in Ohio sports paraphernalia!

On a side note, is it clear that I was in blogger-withdrawal? In one single day, I have posted 4 entries.

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devaneygirlstill said...

Ahhh, blog withdrawal, I have been there.
Nothing abnormal about the postings, especially for those of us that love to read your stuff.
Happy 2008!
Thoughts of you and prayers as always!